Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Radness Contest Reminder

This is just a friendly reminder to make sure and enter the March Radness contest and get your picks in before the deadline. The first counting game looks to be this Thursday 9:15 AM PDT (12:15 PM EDT), so make sure your bracket is ready by then. Each game will "lock" at or around the start time of the game, so while you can change your picks on the fly, I would recommend at least having some team selected for each game. Incomplete brackets are not eligible for the contest. Oops, I keep getting this mixed up with the football contest. All brackets must be submitted in full before Thursday morning's deadline or they will not be eligible. Because... of course!

If you have already signed up, great! Just don't forget to make your picks before Thursday morning.

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  1. Sweet, a John Pelphrey sighting. Today just became a better day.


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