Friday, March 22, 2013

Potchy Potch and the (Late) Tradey Trade

That's it! I'm finally done with my January trades. Now that it's nearly April, I'm almost ready to look at cards I received in the dead of winter. That... make sense, doesn't it? Potch signed up for the Basketball Card Club, claimed some players, and also was kind enough to send me some cards from both the sports that I love.

I don't show off many '80s cards here - not nearly enough, to be quite honest. Part of it has to do with me having seen almost every Cardinal from every overproduced set about 923428 times a piece. Yet, there always remain some things I either haven't seen or just don't own, like this oddball Danny Cox Fleer card. I really miss those drug and variety store Fleer sets that came in the little tiny boxes. Can you imagine if something like this existed now? People like me would gobble them up whenever they came out.

In addition to a batch of Cardinals, Potch also sent me a few Heritage cards, including a couple of tasty short prints. Yeah, I just used the word "tasty". Shut up.

Allen & Ginter was on the menu as well. Ben Franklin sure had some tasty inventions, didn't he?

Of course, I was just stalling before I showed you all the real prize, and the card I was by far the most excited about when it fell to my hands after opening the package. This Blazers card is way before my time, but I think it's awesome. Look at that font that they used for "BLAZERS"! Check the multi-colored stripe in the corner. It's a shame the Heritage brand never really took off in basketball, or we could have been (re-)treated to some great card designs. Then again, I could just go and buy some '70s basketball cards. That'd make more sense.

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