Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Club is Open

The Guilt-Free Basketball Card Club is off and running, but sign-ups are perpetually open for anyone new to the party. I recently got a few Blazers cards from Brian C., who had claimed all Mavericks cards. While the point of the club isn't to trade cards per se, I do appreciate it when those that I haven't traded with (or haven't traded with much) send a few things my way as it makes my senseless card purchases feel a tad bit more worthwhile. By the way, I still have a few packages to send out from the initial requests, and I'm still looking to work out some sort of trade for a few of the pricier cards in my collection.

Former Blazer Rudy Fernandez is back to playing in Europe, and making headlines for the wrong reasons. There was a brief period of Rudymania around these parts, at least among the female set, but he ultimately wasn't able to stick as a rotation NBA player.

I collect all former Oregon Ducks, whether they are hoopsters or whatever the American football equivalent of a hoopster is (pigskinner?) Aaron Brooks recently returned to the team he started with, Houston, and he's one of the few Ducks who can still be found in a lot of recent NBA sets.

JediJeff from 2 by 3 Heroes recently posted a somewhat high end basketball pack over at APTBNL, and somehow I accidentally laid claim to the whole thing. I really wanted the LaMarcus card, but you can see the rest of the cards over here. They're all available, of course. I have yet to really define rules about what happens to my basketball "hits", but I guess when everything is essentially free I can do whatever I want. Also, the Sixers have yet to be claimed, so the crazy clear rookie auto of the guy I've never heard of will probably stay in my collection for awhile.

Join up, won't you?

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