Monday, March 18, 2013

Still Working on All of the Heritage

Discouraged a little bit, sure, but I'm pressing on in my attempt to collect all of the Heritage sets. I've read some things that have been written by some people that have soured me a bit on the idea, but I am resigned to the fact that the Great Baseball Card Chase doesn't really have an end. Trying to assemble something resembling a "master set" barely has an endpoint. Trying to do it 12 times (or 13?) is beyond ridiculous. I've drawn some lines I'm not willing to cross (Chrome parallels?) and may draw more in the future, but for now I am just going to keep going with the flow.

I'm reminded of the great chase because I got another stack of Heritage that I finally got around to posting about, courtesy of The Topps Baseball Fanatic. All of the cards were from 2011, which is another reminder that another old set's days have passed me by and I still need a ton of pieces of it.

In addition to a few inserts and base cards, there were a healthy amount of the black retail parallels that came in the blister 3-packs. Oh, hello, "Mike".

These are my favorite parallels because I like the way the wood grain design is still somewhat integrated. It doesn't work (or it's just not used) on the cards that aren't regular single player cards, but it looks good here. Otherwise, you just have a plain black bordered card which isn't nearly as exciting.

What a goofball. Do Cubs fans miss Carlos and his antics? Does anyone?


  1. Watching Carlos almost blow up in the WBC when he couldn't find the plate was just sad. At a time when you're to be representing your homeland, and he was out there acting like a brat.

  2. i have a good amount of heritage laying around from different years that i don't need as well as hundreds of this years. (if you're collecting them) i'll shoot you an email on what i've got.


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