Monday, March 25, 2013

Some New Want Lists and Some New Cardinals

I have some new want lists. Feel free to peruse them at your leisure. I finally came to a decision on the 2013 Topps Heritage set, and despite how pretty the colorful Chrome refractors look, I just don't feel like they fit into my collection unless they're a player or team that I collect. This is good news for anyone who had their eye on the purple refractors that I pulled in my so-called "hot box". I am at least going to attempt to collect the black retail cards that come in the 3-pack blister packs, though I have to admit to being a little worried when I looked at the back of the ones I got today and noticed they have regular card numbers on them. Does that mean that there are 500 of these to collect? I surely hope not.

I also posted my first basketball set want list over the weekend. Don't expect to ever see any other NBA set on the list again. I just like that particular one.

Apropos of nothing, I figured I'd show off a few baseball cards that I snagged for my own collection at this month's card show. I spent the vast majority of my time at the show in front of a couple of different tables that had nickel and dime boxes, and ended up with more cards for others that I grabbed for myself. I did get some nice cards for my collection for peanuts, and I'm pretty positive that nothing I am showing off here cost me more than $1.

This is from the 2005 Heritage set. Topps seems to abandon traditions on a whim, so it's interesting to me that they've pretty much stuck with all but one of the insert sets that they brought with the very first incarnation of Topps Heritage they released 12 years ago.

I don't know anything about these inserts, but this Musial card looks amazing and I had to own it. I am not always that into cards of legendary players in modern sets, but I am still glad that they exist for those few times that they really "nail it". I am not going to own a late '40s Musial card no matter what I do, and I've come to accept that.

At the height of both of these player's careers, I fully expected them to retire as Cardinals, but so much has changed since then.

I had to actually shrink this image in Blogger to make it look like a mini. I am still working on the 2008 Goudey set proper, but it's nice to pick up one of the extra-curricular Cardinals cards on the side in the meantime.


Roy-Z said...

Do you mean the Black-Back Venezuelan parallels?

This would be terribly difficult...their print run is rumored to be between 64-100 copies.

I have one though, if you are interested (Vance Worley).

madding said...

I'm actually referring to the black border cards that come 3 to a blister pack (3-pack) at stores like Target for $9.49. They've done similar things in the past two years with Heritage and other brands (think last year's Allen & Ginter gold bordered minis) but they are usually numbered the same as the Chrome parallels. Not so this time, so it makes me wonder if they made a black version of every card, 1-500.

See the McCutchen image at the top of the post as an example.

I am interested in the Venezuelan cards, but only insomuch as someone is seeking to get rid of them. I'd rather have 100 base cards that are worth a quarter a piece than one rare parallel card that's worth $25, if that makes sense.

Erin said...

"Nail it"