Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'll Buy That For a Dollar

Thanks to the ever-popular Guilt-Free Basketball Card Club (sign up today!), one participant has already sent me three envelopes in the mail. That participant is Sportscards From The Dollar Store, and I am about to show off some cards I received. My end of the deal is still forthcoming, but you all have heard that from me before.

In exchange for some Toronto Raptors cards and some goodies that buckstorecards doesn't know about just yet, I received a bunch of Cardinals cards and even a few Blazers. Could it be that this Dmitri Young was the only Cardinals Rated Rookie that I still lacked? It could be. But I don't know how long Donruss kept the tradition going.

One of the items sent to me was an entire Cardinals 1991 O-Pee-Chee team set, which was fittingly found for a dollar. This is the card I'm happiest about, however. Just check that tiny little script in the lower left corner. I've seen enough of the fronts of the Topps Cardinals cards in this set to not be so blown away by the thinner, Frenchier versions, but Gerald Perry's card will look nice in the binder.

What I hadn't seen before were any 1990 O-Pee-Chee cards. I never ever laid eyes on one back when I originally collected, as far as I remember. Now I've got one Cardinal from the set and just need the rest. All of them.

Sports Illustrated may be doomed, which is weird, but probably not any more weird than losing the daily newspaper in your town. It hasn't happened here, yet, but things are looking grim for that whole print industry.

Ugh, I knew this wouldn't scan well, and yet I did it anyway. This is a "Gold Rush" parallel from the 1994 Score set. The base cards look better and scan better, but I had several of the base version and didn't have this one. Into the binder it goes.

I also received a couple of Larry Walker cards that Erin will appreciate. This one is punny.

As mentioned, Portland Trail Blazers cards were involved. Well, this card sure is "FUN"!

And back to parallels, here's one of those silver signature cards that you saw in the baseball version of Collector's Choice mid-'90s sets. Strickland had some personal issues, but he had some great years as a Blazer in the years following their Finals appearances.

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  1. Are you looking for more of the 2013 Cardinals emeralds? I have a few extras, the list is towards the end of this post.


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