Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Free Fleer Group Break

GROUP BREAK CLOSED! Thanks for participating.

Free cards... if you dare! Welcome to the terrifying world of junk wax Fleer. This free group break is designed for hardcore team collectors and junky Fleer fetishists.

First off is the terrifying experience that is Fleer 1995. I picked up an update box, so this will be focused towards players who were moved late in the season and "82 rookies", whatever that means. Possible inserts include: Diamond Tribute, Headliners, Rookie Update, and Soaring Stars. There are 36 packs in all with 12 cards in a pack.

Next, I snagged a box of 1993 Fleer Ultra Series 2. This is deep in junk wax territory as it was actually released right around when I completely stopped collecting. Potential inserts include: Ultra All-Star, All-Rookie, Strikeout Kings and Dennis Eckersley Tribute. Once again there are 36 packs, this time with 14 cards per pack.

Finally, this was a bit of a reach, but I also grabbed a 1993 Fleer (base) Series 1 jumbo box. I can't really vouch for this set being great, but I barely bought any of it when it first came out because I was focused on other things (like the amazing Upper Deck set and the underrated Topps set) and I'm a sucker for jumbo packs. Or, perhaps, maybe I'm just a sucker. Inserts here include Rookie Sensations and Tom Glavine Career Highlights. Considering that Glavine had only been around for 6 seasons and would go on to play 16 more, I find him a curious choice for a "career highlights" insert set but that's just me. There are 24 packs in the box and 29 cards in each pack.

Now, here's the rules. If you don't read the rules, I'm not going to be able to help you out.
  • Participants can choose up to ONE team upon entry on a first come, first served basis. There will be 14 slots (for 28 teams) in total, with everyone getting their shot at a second team once all of the slots are filled.
  • Select your team by commenting on this post. However, if you do not have an email address associated with the username you choose to comment on this post with, I require that you also email me so I can make sure I have your mailing address when that time comes.
  • This is very much a free group break. I will gladly accept cards or cash (PayPal) reimbursements for shipping, but please know that this is not required or expected. Send me an email if you want to send me something and need to know where to send it.
  • *Please heed these warnings if you choose one of these teams: 1. If you choose the Cardinals, please note that you will only receive cards that I do not need for my team collection. 2. I believe that the Rockies and Marlins are nowhere to be found in the 1993 Fleer Series 1 set, but they are in the other two boxes.
Here are the teams:

Athletics - Tenets of Wilson
Blue Jays - $30 a Week Habit
Cardinals* - Tenets of Wilson
Dodgers - Night Owl Cards
Giants - Card Anathema
Marlins* - $30 a Week Habit
Pirates - Justin's World
Unmentionable Team That Made a Deal With the Devil - Dawgbones, a Phillies Phan!


Play at the Plate said...

Rangers please!!

Colbey said...

Braves please!

Josh D. said...

Wow! What an awesome idea. I would love the Royals, please (and don't need a 2nd-team). I would be happy to reimburse shipping.

The Dimwit said...

Astros please!

dawgbones said...

Phillies Please, username (at) cox (dot) net

Anonymous said...

I would opt in for the Twins, but I only need the '95 Team Leaders Puckett/Aguilera insert, so bit of a waste of shipping otherwise. Fun break, though.

Anonymous said...

Cubs please. I'll email you in the morning. Thanks and great idea.

Robert said...

Blue Jays please.

piratesfan731 said...

Pirates, please.

The Lost Collector said...

Yankees please!

night owl said...

Dodgers. What are we breaking? I don't care, it's free!

hiflew said...

I'll take the Rockies please

Ryan H said...

I'll take the Orioles.

The Angels In Order said...


Matt said...

I'll take the spare Cardinals!