Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ten Interesting Cards: 1993 Fleer Series 1 Jumbo (Free Group Break)

I thought I'd give the first of the three boxes of the Free Fleer Group Break the old "Ten Interesting Cards" treatment. Did you honestly think I was going to go Cardboard Collections or Nachos Grande on you and post a blow-by-blow account of every pack? I appreciate the work that those guys do, of course. I just don't think I can handle the details of 96 packs and would like to get these sorted and out to those who claimed them. I did post one pack at APTBNL just for kicks.

Rookie Sensations cards are supposed to fall at 1:5 packs, but I only received 3. It's hard to say what Lofton is doing with this bat. He's one of the few in this subset that stood the test of time. When I think of Rookie Sensations cards, I definitely think of early-'90s Fleer Basketball and inflated prices for jumbo packs that are mostly insert-free.

Tom Glavine got his own career retrospective very early on his career. I know I was super excited when Clyde Drexler got the insert set treatment in the NBA set that came out around the same time.

This one is missing a bit of foil. Odd.

Active player alert! Arthur Rhodes is trying to find his place in a rebuilt Cardinals bullpen. Meanwhile, I'm trying to be positive about the Cardinals right now.

Here's another active player. Wakefield's knuckle grip was still being fine tuned at this point, I imagine.

This guy has been in the news a lot lately. I hear that Thome is now back with his original club. Cool.

Don Mattingly.

I've always been a big fan of the Super Star Specials. Sadly, Fleer decided to relegate the usually cheesy titles for these cards to the back. This one is called "Triple Threats"

And finally, we have The Great Ramon Martinez and his little bro - or as Fleer likes to call them, "Brothers in Blue".

Next up, it's Ultra time. Meanwhile, I have a bit of sorting to do.

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