Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Survey Says

To illustrate just how far behind I've sunk in trading, I'm showing off a package I received a couple of weeks ago from TexasSurveyor, which included some much needed 2007 Heritage cards along with the usual Redbird suspects. I know that a couple of weeks really isn't a lot of time, but realize that I usually like to actually complete my end of the trade before I post about what I got in return. It looks like I have some work to do. In the mean time, here are some cards!

Lance looks about like he probably felt after last night's marathon of a baseball game. Batters were beaned, homers were slugged, and (inadvertent!) saliva was slung. In the end, the Cardinals picked up a game on the persistent Brew Crew and the All-Star catcher will probably miss a couple of games. Fortunately, the Cardinals have three catchers on their active roster for some reason.

Extra bonus points are awarded here for finally completing the 2009 Topps base team set needs. I'm still missing all of the SP variations, of course, but we won't talk about that right now.

I don't know you, Joe. I'm happy to have your baseball card, however. It looks like Hague spent two seasons as a full-time player with the Cards back in the early '70s, along with a few other seasons where he was more of a bit player.

Speaking of bit players, John Gall never quite fit into the Cardinals mix. He had decent minor league numbers, if not spectacular. His role was eventually filled by John Rodriguez, and countless numbers of other players who are good enough to appear on baseball cards and the occasional Major League scorecard, but don't make much more of an impact. I'm quite happy to receive a certified autographed card of him, however.

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