Saturday, August 6, 2011

Grab Bag Cardinals

Here are some Cardinals cards to get you through the afternoon as we get set for tonight's game against the Fish. These all came to me courtesy of Smed's Spring Cleaning bonanza, the gift that apparently keeps on giving. Some of us opted into receiving "grab bags" which ended up being large boxes full of miscellany. Some of that miscellany turned out to be some really high quality Cardinals fare. Great stuff! If you have any cards at all, Smed's probably needs 'em, so make sure you stop by.

Here's a Matt Holliday card in bedazzled form. I enjoy a good parallel card, but I will be glad when 2012 Topps rolls around so I don't have to look at these gawdy diamond things anymore.

My scanner hates Kimball Champions for some reason. It's a good thing I don't.

There must have been a point that was reached where teams just simply gave up on trying to throw Lou Brock out and played it safe.

Mini Berk! I'm trying to resist the urge to go out and buy another A&G blaster, but it's really hard.

Here's a fantastically miscut Ted Simmons card. I may end up putting this in my binder along with my non-miscut version.

Here's the Gooch in the full-rendered splendor of Heritage, Chrome and Refractor.

While this season's hopes might be tethered to Rafael Furcal, some new faces in the bullpen and the splintering backend of the pitching rotation, the future is very much dependent on someone else.

Out of all of the cards in the box, however, this was by far my favorite. Lance Lynn's emergence has been one of the bright stories in the 2011 Cardinals storybook. He looks like a keeper and at this point could probably close or start. Only time will tell. Just the day before I received this card, I was wondering if I would ever get my hands on a Lance Lynn card. Well, here you go. I can't claim that he has the most amazing signature in the world, but I have always thought that people put way too much focus on that.

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night owl said...

OK, playing devil's advocate, here's a reason for a legible signature:

We have new time sheets at work. You'd think they'd be relatively simple to fill out, but, no, they are unnecessarily complex, and, also, people have a way, in general, of making things too difficult.

I receive the time sheets filled out by the respective people. They leave them on my desk. One person forgot to print their name on the top of the sheet. No problem, I'll just look at the signature at the bottom to see who it is.

Only issue: his signature has no resemblance to any of the letters in his name. It took me another day to figure out who it was.

Granted, that's not a baseball player signing a card, nor a major issue. But there are uses for legible signatures.