Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There is No Code

I believe that I know why no one has cracked the Ginter Code yet this year. There is no code! The code is that there is no code. It's Topps hijinks, just like their stupid wacky variations. Either that, or no one really cares... which seems more likely to be the case considering that the stupid jerk code guy only has 568 Twitter followers. My pocket lint has more followers than that! Come on.

Oh yeah, it's blaster time again.

Pack 1:
63 - Neil Walker (I feel like I know the Pirates roster intimately thanks to the unbalanced schedule.)
158 - Billy Butler
87 - Colby Lewis

173 - Mariano Rivera

PP8 - Sancho Panza Portraits of Penultimacy (So these are sidekick inserts? Cute.)
HH25 - Adam Dunn Hometown Heroes (It seems like Dunn is having one of the worst seasons in major league history, yet they keep running him out there. Are there more sub-.200 hitters around in today's game than I remember?)

Pack 2:
286 - Cory Luebke

151 - Brandon Beachy

112 - Timothy Shieff (I don't know what this kid is trying to do, but I'm sure it's sanctioned by some sort of sport or governing body.)

AOM1 - Prokaryotes Ascent of Man

SRU6 - The Human Blockhead Step Right Up (YOU BLOCKHEAD)
HH84 - Matt Kemp Hometown Heroes
- Stupid Code Guy

Pack 3:
190 - Sue Bird
136 - Dick Vitale

BHS-23 - Mark Teixeira Baseball Highlight Sketches
319 - Jon Niese

279 - Brian Wilson Mini A&G Back (This just doesn't have the same effect, does it?)
HH42 - David Wright Hometown Heroes

Pack 4:
275 - Justin Verlander (He's okay.)
9 - Joe Saunders
202 - Nick Swisher (Swisher is the frustrating type of player that I always seem to end up with 12 of on my fantasy teams by the end of the season. He's not great, not terrible... bleh.)

338 - Lance Berkman (This is a nice grab for me, especially considering Lance is a SP in this set and I will need two of these.)

60 - Brandon Belt Mini (The once and former future prospect of the present.)
HH45 - Ike Davis Hometown Heroes
- Checklist 5 of 5

Pack 5:
161 - Casey McGeheehehehe (Grr.)
42 - Heath Bell
104 - Huston Street
174 - Joakim Soria

PP1 - Antonio Meucci Portraits of Penultimacy (Second place is the first loser.)
HH18 - Zack Greinke Hometown Heroes (AUGH. It burns.)

Pack 6:

164 - Heather Mitts (That's better.)
225 - Jack LaLanne (I guess I didn't watch enough '90s infomercials for this guy to stick in my brain like he apparently has with so many others.)
6 - Micky Ward
AOM20 - Hominina Ascent of Man

274 - Stan Lee Mini A&G Back (Stan Lee is kind of creepy.)
HH44 - Delmon Young Hometown Heroes
- Code Chump

Pack 7:
52 - Francisco Cordero
99 - Placido Polanco
253 - Mike Minor
326 - Jason Castro

51 - Tim Collins Black Mini

HH17 - Scott Rolen Hometown Heroes (Great player. I just wish he wasn't a Red.)

Pack 8:
22 - Michael Bourn

215 - Andrew McCutchen (I remember when the Cardinals had a young talented center fielder who made his debut in 2009 and was a symbol of a promising future.)
183 - Mike Napoli
311 - Ian Stewart

334 - Gaby Sanchez Mini
HH96 - Brian McCann Hometown Heroes
- Checklist 4 of 5

I'll post one more blaster in the next few days and then I promise to have my want list up.

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aj said...

theres nothing creepy about Stan Lee - creator of Striperella!