Monday, September 20, 2010

Cardboard Collections Group Break Loot

I jumped in on an affordable group break put on by Cardboard Collections recently and here are a few images of cards that I received. My team was the Cardinals in this break (good choice if I do say so myself) and Colbey was kind enough to throw in some extras as well.

I miss Matt Morris. I feel like he retired before his time, although I'm sure his stats say otherwise.

A big chunk of the cards were from the 1994 O-Pee-Chee set, which is disappointing as it's one of the first not to use the Topps design and the fun variations that went along with it.

Also included were a couple of goldies. First, here's a former but still beloved Cardinal who will may be playing in the postseason this year...

... and a current Cardinal in an Oakland spring training uniform who most likely will not. I hear rumors that Topps is replacing the gold parallel with another color of some sort, which is disappointing. I'm a big fan of the gold parallels, even though I might be the only one. And yes, I have no less than 3 So Taguchi 2007 Topps Gold parallels, but I don't mind that a bit.

Thanks again to Colbey, who should be expecting a package from me soon.

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