Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mutant Ginter Blaster Challenge

Night Owl Cards posted an extremely mutated Allen & Ginter blaster the other day, so I thought I'd take up the challenge and take it upon myself to find an even more mutated one. At this time of year, there's hardly anything on the shelves at area Target stores other than a few football releases, but fortunately there were still a few A&G blasters to be had. I bought one, so let's check it out.

Pack 1:
242 - Jules Verne
179 - Ben Zobrist
4 - Prince Fielder
150 - Grady Sizemore

WB5 - Mountain World's Biggest (Retail only insert, I believe?)

TDH44 - B.J. Upton This Day in History (These cards are really boring for some reason.)

Verdict so far: Not very mutated. This doesn't look promising.

Pack 2:
299 - Robinson Cano

236 - Shawn Johnson (They let a world class gymnast compete in Dancing With the Stars? That doesn't seem fair. It's no surprise that she won.)
101 - Mark Buehrle (Ugh, does severely damaged count as "mutant"? This card has a few dents and a huge crease in it.)

342 - Erik Bedard (What happened to this guy?)
330 - Jonathan Papelbon Mini A&G Back (Papelblow is more like it.)
TDH56 - Jimmy Rollins This Day in History

Pack 3:
16 - Carl Pavano (Dinged corner. It's going in the "Return to Topps" pile.)
283 - Hank Presswood (Ditto for Hank.)
273 - David DeJesus (This pack has a "dinged" theme.)
259 - Scott Feldman
- Crack the Code ad (Why are these things never damaged? I could probably throw it at the wall repeatedly without so much as a scratch.)

WGWS3 - Washington Irving World's Wordsmiths (I believe this is my first World's Wordsmiths card. I may try to collect this insert set twice as I know Erin is very interested in these.)
TDH70 - Andrew McCutchen This Day in History

Pack 4:
47 - Drew Stubbs
7 - Ryan Howard
100 - Matt LaPorta

323 - Angel Pagan (It's been a breakout season for Pagan.)

216 - Jordin Sparks Mini A&G Back (Yep. Jordin Sparks.)
TDH51 - Gordon Beckham This Day in History
- Checklist 2 of 4

Pack 5:
30 - Rafael Furcal

144 - Stuart Scott (Stuart looks really creepy here. Can't you see him, peepin' in your window a bit, going "BOOYA!" when you least expect it?)
269 - A.J. Burnett
248 - Jason Marquis (Someone remarked on "the internet" recently that it seemed like the Cardinals staff suddenly turned into a bunch of Jason
MM7 - Spinosaurus Monsters of the Mesozoic (My favorite insert set! But I already have this one.)
TDH47 - Brandon Phillips This Day in History (If you can't say anything nice...)

Pack 6:

219 - Adam Wainwright
121 - Francisco Rodriguez (Crazy story.)
255 - Robert Scott

349 - Yuniesky Betancourt

62 - Matt Kemp Mini Black (Kemp didn't just take a step back in 2010, he fell into a crater... a really unpleasant one at that.)
TDH31 - Mark Teixeira This Day in History

Pack 7:
266 - Adam LaRoche
164 - Kyle Blanks
124 - Andrew McCutchen

AGHS12 - Troy Tulowitzki Baseball Sketches (Tulo is killin' it lately.)

NA44 - Israeli Gazelle National Animals (Nice!)
TDH50 - Alex Rodriguez This Day in History

Pack 8:
40 - Carlos Beltran
68 - Betelgeuse

319 - Austin Jackson

318 - Carlos Gonzalez (Back to back SPs? Yep, that's a mutant pack. Speaking of killin' it...)
246 - Geovany Soto Mini A&G Back

TDH16 - Carlos Gonzalez This Day in History (This is officially the Mutant/CarGo Pack.)

Well, that was disappointing. This box would have to be the least mutated mutant. The want list is updated, or at least it will be by the time you read this.


Captain Canuck said...

interesting thing about the Stuart Scott card. They try so hard to make these paintings lifelike, and yet in his painting, both eyes are looking directly at you.

Just sayin'

Community Gum said...

I was really hoping that link was going to a picture of Jubilee (from the Marvel universe). But I guess "Lamest Mutant Ever" would be a more apporpriate title for her. -Andy