Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tecmo Super Sundays: Week 2

RAWR! I can tackle TWO Lions at once! I might even bring my teammate along for the ride!

L.T. (the true L.T., not that one that used to play for San Diego) is by far the best defensive player in all of Tecmo Super Bowl. If conditions are right, he's actually capable of tackling the holder on kicks (and supposedly punts if the legends are true.) He was pretty impressive in real life, too, but that's not nearly as important as Tecmo. Just, uh, keep him away from your teenage daughters these days.

Tecmo Player Rating: 356 (99th percentile)

Games to watch this week:
Pittsburgh @ Tennessee. Dennis Dixon takes his 1-0 record on the road to face the former Oilers.
Seattle @ Denver. Seattle dominated the hated 49ers last week in one of the biggest surprises of Week 1. Will I care about the Seahawks at all this season?
New Orleans @ San Francisco. LeGarrette Blount may get on the field for the first time in his pro career. Is San Francisco really that bad or was Seattle that good?

(I have a ridiculous amount of junk wax era football cards. If you're interested in helping me reduce my collection and obtaining some cards from the Tecmo era, please drop me a line.)

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I saw this the other day and thought you'd appreciate it.