Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mt Cards From Nr Mt

A nice little surprise box showed up in my mailbox a few weeks ago from none other than Nr Mt. It was so surprising, in fact, that I raced through all of the little piles of stuff that I have built up for people before I realized that I didn't have anything ready to send back. Never fear, of course... I'll have something in the mail at my next go around. I even had the foresight to pick up some free Priority Mail packaging from the post office the other day since I know I have some larger packages to deal with soon.

My 2009 Turkey Red want list took a direct hit, and one Mr. Pujols was one of the casualties. I'm actually fairly sure I already had a copy of this card, so I just need to track it down so it's off of my list of Cardinals needs as well as Turkey Red set building needs. By the way, did sell sheets for 2010 Updates & Whatever They're Calling It This Year ever come out? I want to know if there really will be an additional 50 cards in this year's Turkey Red insert set for me to track down among other things.

I posed the question in yesterday's post asking if Giambi had any fans. I'm assuming he has his Rockies boosters, right? This is one of a number of 2009 Heritage High Series cards that were sent to me from my want list.

Doug Fister seems pretty talented, although he's had his ups and downs with the Mariners. It must be difficult to be a starting pitcher for a team with such an inept group of hitters. I don't know how Felix Hernandez does it.

Finally, I'll just let the cartoon speak for itself, because this is weird, weird, weird. I'd never even heard of this guy. A few people have hit my 2006 Bazooka want list. Keep 'em coming!

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